Gambari Mocks Opposition For Accusing Him of Being a Stooge

Today, hundreds of supporter trooped out enmass to pledge support for their candidate at the famous Reality House, his campaign office. This was nothing but a surprise visit to the campaign house of Ambassador Abdulfatai Yahaya Gambari.

Gambari supporters and loyalists reaffirmed their supports and votes, which will earn him victory comes party primaries. As the day for the primaries draws closer they all came in hundreds to re-assure their candidate of their unflinching support and further declared him as the best choice of the people and party among the contenders.

During his response and appreciation, he expressed how shocked he was to have received such surprising visit of that number. He addressed many topics, which part of it was the insinuation of him being a stooge to Saraki.
“I don’t understand what they’re talking about. If they are good politicians and they have done so well for their people, they should get on with building their own ideology and party conviction instead of attacking me and my good plans for the good people of Kwara just because i don’t toe the same line as them,” Gambari said.

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