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Welcome to 247Hypes Train. Here we are promoting your song for free, yes you got it; Totally free.
Aim !!!
We started the scheme to help fast rising acts, its very simle to go through it.
What Do I Need !!!
Its very simple and self explanatory , all you have to do is first upload your song to any free music upload site (We prefer Kiwi6 or Datafilehost) and have your music link.
Secondly, you should upload your music artwork online and get the .Jpg Link.
Once those two are ready, you are on the go.
How Do I Participate ?
Your music link and image link are ready ?
Next you go to Sign Up Page an register an account with us, after registering you can login and after Logging in Zoom, you are close.
After signing in, all you have to do is click on Post then you click on Add New Post then you are on the page.

In the Enter Title Box, Input your song Title.
Example is [Music] Tpops – Ghost Mode
Got that ? Lets move to the next step.
In the other big box that’s where you put your music artwork , Link and description.
To display an image, you use (img src=”The Image Link” /) change ( to < and ) to >

Then the song’s description and then you add the music download link with
(a href=”The music download link here”) Download Your music Title (/a) change ( to < and ) to >. Select the category Music
Then Hit Submit and wait for admins to review your song, once its approved its going to appear on the blog and will be shared on all of our social media pages.
Criteria To Get A Fast Music Approval !!!
There are 4 ways to get a fast music approval.
1. If you are an active reader & commenter on the blog, the admins would have noticed you and that would make them attend to your post very fast.
2. Your Music Artwork Quality Matters.
3. How well composed your description is.
4. Your song itself, it must pass our average mark.

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