Guys, 10 Inexpensive Things You Should Do To Make A Perfect Val’s Day

I know many of you guys are thinking deep right now on how you are going to spend your Val with your main chic. Some have already perfected plans while others are going about in search of where to borrow money just for one day. But seriously, if she is your main chic and she loves you as much as do her, then she wouldn’t mind. All she needs is your time, attention and affection so quit putting yourself through all that stress.

Here are some low-budget things you can do for your girl to make her val worthwhile.

1. Cook her a meal

2. Give her a pedicure treatment

3. Take her to the beach

4. Call her 10 times

5. Try a body Ma$$@ge

6. Send her a voice note

7. Write her a poem

8. Write her a naughty love letter.

9. Do some house chores for her (wash her und1es, lol)

10. K1$$ more and have 53x. Its very important.

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