The Best Way To Enjoy Sex Is Marriage – Don’t Pay Olosho’s

My name is Prince Abidogun, i am a blogger.
I have something to discuss with you all, paying oloshos for sex might be sense making but i think Marriage is the best way to enjoy sex cheaply.

How ?

Don’t pay prostitutes, the best way to enjoy sex is marriage. Its very cheap. You are paying Olosho 50,000 and more per night when you can actually have sex for as low as #6.8 per day.
How ?
Marry a lady and pay bride price 50,000.
For next 20years.
For each day you pay #6.8
For a week you pay #47.6
For a month you pay #210
For a year you pay #2318
For 20 years you pay 44042.
You still have change left.
Share with your friends, don’t let them continue wasting money…

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