Simi or Adekunle Gold who is more talented ?

Simi and Adekunle gold aren’t a new name in the Nigeria music industry today. They are both well recognized and accepted in the industry because of their versatility in writing and singing.
Adekunle gold; a vocalist , songwriter and Singer. He is widely known for dropping back to back hits. His music’s are always simple and are easy to memorise, hardly will you see someone who isn’t able to sing his song, probably the person is staying underground, lol.

Simi on the other hand is not bad, at a point in time I concluded she uses auto tune in her songs, but not until I saw her live videos. I couldn’t help but re conclude that she’s the definition of talent. Where was she all these while that Projective Fame didn’t find her ?.
She’s also known to be a song writer and songstress also. Also known to be a back to back hit maker. The 2 of them can be classified to be under Urban Highlife / Highlife Genre respectively.

Their combination has always been massive. These 2 are surely going to make things happen with their songs.
Now the question is who do you think is better between the 2 acts ?
Adekunle gold or Simi

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